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One-on-one mentoring for Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Allied Health Professionals, Health Coaches or other holistically minded health practitioners.

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Are you a Nutritionist, Health Coach or holistically minded health practitioner looking to further your clinical knowledge to help your clients? 


One-on-one mentoring sessions with Benedict are designed to provide personalised support. Perhaps you’ve graduated with a degree in Nutrition but would feel more confident having a mentor to support you with your first 1:1 with clients?


Or perhaps you are already working with clients and looking to increase your offerings and gain a new clinical perspective. 


These sessions are an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of your patient and how to best support their health. 


During a one-on-one mentoring session, we will start by breaking down the case and work towards an understanding of the underlying drivers to your clients health conditions.


Benedict will guide you to establish & understand links between the clients pathology reports and clinical signs and symptoms. 


Once an understanding of the case has been established, evidence-based, clinical advice will be provided to support you to make an appropriate treatment plan. Supplementation, dosage, duration and specific products can be discussed.


A zoom link will be generated with your booking, however mentoring sessions can also be held over the phone. Please indicate your preference in the comments section of the booking. Further Instructions will be provided with your booking confirmation. 


Price Breakdown 

30 min session – $60

60 min session -  $100


-    Completed a degree in Nutrition, allied health or health coaching with active insurance. 

-    If providing any identifying client information for review, please ensure it is either de-identified or that a consent form by your client is completed prior to mentoring session (Form can be forwarded to you at your request)

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