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BHSc - Nutritional Medicine

Benedict Freudenmann |  Learn to Nourish | Nutritional Medicine | Hobart | Tasmania | Nutritionist | Tranmere

Benedict Freudenmann is a Clinical Nutritionist, whose passion for health and knowledge makes him an inspiring practitioner.

Benedict’s education in the world of Natural Medicine began in 2006 when he traveled the world alongside his parents, filming the documentary ‘Cancer is Curable Now’ (now known as ‘Truly Heal from Cancer’). Despite completing a Degree in Journalism, Benedict realized that his true passion lay in nutrition & alternative medicine.


Benedict completed a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutritional Medicine. Since that time, Benedict has co-authored the ‘Truly Heal’ functional medicine workbook and online health coaching program, worked in a variety of health related roles and co-founded the Truly Heal Functional Medicine Practitioner Application.


In 2015, Benedict worked as a Clinical Nutritionist at the Arcadia Praxis, a world leading alternative cancer clinic based in Bad Emstal Germany. Working closely with the team of doctors at Arcadia, Benedict found his strength in supporting and helping chronic disease patients on their healing journey.


Benedicts, methodology to treatment is fundamentally based around; understanding, finding and resolving the underlying causation of chronic diseases. His systematic and analytical case taking approach, combined with targeted functional testing, enables him to treat effectively and precisely, whilst empowering his clients to Truly Heal. 


To resolve the underlying causes of disease Benedict investigates 5 major factors affecting health:  Toxicity, Infection, Inflammation, Acidity, Deficiencies and Psychological. Benedict’s treatments incorporate dietary/lifestyle interventions as well as research based supplementation and alternative therapies.

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(Previously Bongard)

BHSc Nutritional Medicine

Ally Bongard | Learn to Nourish | Nutritional Medicine | Hobart | Tasmania | Nutritionist | Tranmere

Ally is a Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist, with a strong passion for educating and inspiring others to take charge of their health & wellbeing. She began her own healing journey at a young age and after exploring many avenues of treatment to no avail, Ally found health in the world of natural medicine. Driven by her passion she completed a Bachelor of health science majoring in Nutritional Medicine.


Ally has worked in a variety of roles within the natural health industry over the past 6 years. One of her biggest achievements during this time was an opportunity to work for the renown chef and Health advocate, Jamie Oliver, as part of his Jamie’s Ministry of Food program in Australia. As part of this role, Ally travelled throughout Queensland, running 5 week cooking and education classes to a vast & varied audience. This unique and influential experience has provided Ally the hand on tools to provide one of a kind, practical cooking skills, in alignment with her nutritional advice.


In addition to her clinical work at Learn To Nourish, Ally also works as a Territory Manager and practitioner support for one of Australia’s largest Natural Health distributors. This role has given her the opportunity to interact and learn from many of Queensland’s greatest allied health practitioners. Furthermore, her position requires her to be ahead of the field when it comes to new research and product knowledge. Due to her position she attends the majority of industry seminars, aiding her to provide you with the newest and most innovative treatment options.


As a clinical nutritionist, Ally thrives on finding and supporting a clients innate healing potential. She understands that all diseases have common underlying denominators and therefore utilises a functional medicine approach. Ally uses in depth questioning and functional diagnostic testing to discover the root cause of disease. She believes that by treating the root cause and supporting the bodies own healing processes all diseases can be managed.


Ally’s unique training and experiences have lead her to understand biochemical pathways, nutrigenomics, supplemental intervention, diet, lifestyle, food preparation and cooking. Most importantly Ally has the ability to clearly & simply relay her knowledge to individuals of all ages. Her empathetic yet logical approach to health makes sure every patient will benefit from her influence.


Booking in a consultation with Ally will guarantee not only the tools to take charge of your health but also the understanding and support to use them.

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