To all of our amazing clients & followers We know you are being bombarded with Covid-19 information from all areas of life, but it is important for us to share how we are protecting/helping you in our clinic space or online. Firstly, we continue to remain open and seeing patients in face to face consultations. This is a constantly evolving time and we will keep you updated of any changes. We are a small home clinic and only see one patient at a time. Furthermore, as we do not have a waiting room we book consultations in a manner that doesn’t allow for overlapping bookings. This makes it much simpler for us to implement strict hygiene control during this pandemic. Rest assured, all surfaces and items are being sanitized after each consultation to ensure your safety in our clinic space. However, we do ask that if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms or if you would prefer to stay away, that you get in contact with us prior to your consultation to change your appointment to a virtual one. We are more than happy to carry out your consultation over zoom or skype, from the comfort & safety of your own home. Online consultations are not a new idea for us and we have been happily seeing clients online for years. We also utilize an online prescription service so that if you need any supplements, they can be delivered directly to your door. This allows us to keep our own health in check and be able to continue helping those in need. Due to this outbreak, we are now offering acute clinic consultations. These consultations are a great opportunity to assess your current immune status and for us to provide you with dietary, lifestyle & supplemental interventions to further boost your immune system. As with other viral infections, immune status determines susceptibility to infection and overall health outcome. Therefore dietary, lifestyle and supplemental support for you immune system is going to have a generally protective effect and will also increase your baseline happiness, resilience and sense of wellbeing. These consultations will go for 30 minutes and will be $60 They will be available via our online booking system or please get in touch to organise a consultation time. Finally, we are a very small business and need YOU to help keep us afloat & surviving during this difficult time. This is a more important time than ever to stay on top of your health & immunity! So rather than buying online from those based overseas, please reach out and support your surrounding local businesses. They (and us too) will be doing a huge happy dance every time you can offer your support.



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